The 2018 Poker Run is September 8. We are still in the planning stages but will tentatively be at 5 airports in the northern portion of the Denver Metro later. Please check back later for updates. The information below is from last year but will give you a general idea of what to expect.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Join in the fun and contribute to a woman getting her wings!

Lots of prizes and lots of fun!

We are very excited the host this event for the third year in a row. All proceeds will be go toward our Scholarship Fund, which helps women pilots in Colorado earn their primary pilot license.

What is a Poker Run?
A poker run is a flying poker game. Each pilot flies to each airport, picks a card for each “hand” in their plane, and flies on to the next stop until all cards are picked up. Begin at any airport you wish, and everyone meets up at the designated terminus airport to reveal their hands and claim their prizes. Each player – pilots and passengers – can buy as many hands as they want. Hands and/or extra cards can be bought at the “end” airport.

Who Can Participate?
Anyone! Pilots may fly any type of aircraft. Non-pilots may drive part or all of the route – or just join us at the terminus and purchase extra cards there.

What does it Cost to Enter?
Each hand is $20, purchased at your first airport. Players may purchase any number of hands (score cards).

Which Airports are on the Route?
The 2017 Poker Run Route is:

  • KAPA - Denver jetCenter
  • KFTG - terminal building
  • KBJC - terminal building
  • KFNL - Fort Collins-Loveland  jetCenter
  • KGXY - (terminus) - terminal building 
Do I Have to Land at Every Airport?
No, you do not have to land at every airport. We hope you do - for the valuable cross-country experience - but if you don’t, you may pick up the remaining cards to complete your hand at the terminus. No need to stretch your personal limits at an airport with strong crosswinds!

What time is it taking place?

  • Cards will be available at each stop starting at 9:00am
  • Stop at the airports in any order
  • You must check in to the Terminus KGXY no later than 1:00pm
  • Winners will be announced no later than 1:30pm 


Other Important Info

· One card per hand is drawn at each airport. You will receive a bonus card at 2 airports, giving you a total of 7 cards to make your best 5-cardhand.

· Remember, this is not a race! Please take your time and be safe. If weather is marginal at one of the airports we may not use it. Call 650-307-2304 by 8 AM if weather is “dicey” and you will be given instructions.

· Scoring: Standard Five Card Draw. No Jokers or Wild cards. Points will be assessed not only for hands, but card values within hands. Your handswill be put onto a score sheet for tallying upon arriving at the terminus.

· Prizes: There are numerous great prizes to choose from, enough for everyone to get something – you get to choose one in order of your score. There will be a pretty cool Lowest Score prize too, for whomever comes in last.