Congratulations to Robyn Ambrose and Tara Oldaker, winners of our 2022 scholarships!

The November/December 2022 edition of Crosswind Chatter is here.
2021 International Conference Video

How to takeoff and land a Cessna 182 video



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Our monthly meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of each month. We normally meet in the Mt. Evans room in the terminal building at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, but check the newsletter for actual meeting location. We also have an evening meeting every 4th Thursday at either Centennial Airport (APA) or Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC). Please check the calendar for more information and locations on specific meetings. The Ninety-Nines members work together as a group to provide support to other female pilots through each individual member's enthusiasm, interest and imagination. This support is carried through to the female student pilots who are just beginning to work toward their ultimate goals.

Volunteering is fun!
We do many activities throughout the year that require volunteers. Some of these are: Girl Scout Aviation days, Flight without Fear, Airmarking, Poker Run, and Rockies games. If you would like to volunteer for any of these activities email us at info@colorado99s.org. Go to our list of events to to see upcoming activities.


Welcome to our Pireps feature! We want to know about your flying adventures.

Please email webmaster@colorado99s.org with the following information and we will share it.

Occasion (ie. training, travel, air race, fun fly, group flyout, volunteering, etc)
When and Where
WX Conditions
What made this flight interesting or unusual
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Please include your name, if you are a 99, which chapter you belong to, and a photo.


Our Chapter is made up of members who have a great deal of diversity, character, and accomplishments in aviation and other areas.

As a member, if you would like to share these qualities with not only others within our organization, but anyone interested in joining or just curious, please fill out our profile form.

This is a word document. After you download it to your computer, you may fill out the document, save it and then attach it to an email and return to webmaster@colorado99s.org.

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The Colorado Chapter of the 99s is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization supported primarily by donations. Your contribution will support our educational programs and scholarships to further our mission of promoting the advancement of aviation. Your donation is tax deductible as permissible by law.

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The organization's purpose is to engage in strictly educational, charitable and/or scientific activities and purposes, and particularly to promote aeronautical science and safety. We provide many educational and safety activities.


To be placed on our mailing list or Newsletter list, please contact webmaster@colorado99s.org

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For general inquiries, contact us at info@colorado99s.org