2019 List of Events

Jan 1  New Amelia Earhart Scholarship Application Deadline    

Jan 12  Chapter Meeting
 Exploration of Flight (APA)
Jan 31   Deadline for Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative  Applications 
Feb 9  Chapter Meeting
 Aspen Flying Club (APA)
Mar 3-5  Whirly Girls HeliExpo  Atlanta, GA
Mar 9  Chapter Meeting  Broomfield (BJC)
Mar 14 -16  Women in Aviation Conference  Long Beach, CA
Mar 21 - 24  Spring Section Meeting  Kearney, NE
Apr 2 - 7  SUN 'n FUN  Lakeland, FL (LAL)
Apr 13  Chapter Meeting  Lockheed Martin Facility
May 9-13  NIFA Championships  Janesville, WI
May 10-11  AOPA Fly-In
 Fredrick, MD (FDK)
May 11  Airmarking  Centennial Airport (APA)
June 8  Chapter Meeting  Redstone College at BJC
June 18-21  Air Race Classic  Jackson, TN to Welland,  ON
July 13  Chapter Fly Out  Scottsbluff, NE
July 16-21  Ninety-Nines International Conference  Dayton, OH
July 19-20  Amelia Earhart Festical  Atchison, Kansas
July 22-28  EAA Oshkosh Air Venture 2019  Oshkosh, WI
Aug 10  Chapter Picnic  Location: TBD
Sep 14  Poker Run  5 airports, TBD
Oct 12  Girl Scouts + Let’s Fly Now!  TBD