Airmarking/Flyout in Granby

Event Date: Aug 01 2020 09:11 PM
You are Viewing: Saturday Aug 01, 2020 (09:11 PM - 09:11 PM)

August 1 - Granby Airport (GNB). This weekend is also our summer fly-out If you fly in, there will be plenty of ramp space at the Granby Airport, as well as the option to camp on the airport. We will not only be doing an ORIGINAL compass rose at the end of their ramp, but also helping the local group to paint letters and numbers on the taxiway as we have done before. The plan would be to do the bulk of the work on Saturday, August 1st, starting at 9 AM. The local EAA chapter has also promised ample volunteers, and we expect them to do ALL the painting of the letters and numbers on the taxiways. But some of us will head to Granby on Friday, and get things started, such as taping off the compass rose and the numbers and letters. We have been assured that there will be ample hotels to stay in that have been made "COVID-safe" We will soon send out an email blast with the chosen hotel for those who might want to come over on Friday. Again, if you can make this one, please also email Stephanie Wells at
Granby/Grand County Airport
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