Chapter Flyout to Pueblo

Event Date: Oct 03 2020 08:00 AM
You are Viewing: Saturday Oct 03, 2020 (08:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Our plan is to arrive at the Pueblo Airport (PUB) by 8:30 AM and have breakfast at the "Peter's In-and-Out" restaurant, which opens at 8 AM. There is outdoor patio seating for us, where we can gather after ordering our food at the counter inside the restaurant. See the information below. Restaurant Information and Pueblo Memorial Airport Revised Hours During COVID-19 Situation: Mon-Sat 8-2 Limited Seating Available. PATIO NOW OPEN! Phone ahead and carry-out (719) 582-7376 Then we will make our way to the Weisbrod Aviation Museum, a couple of blocks south of the restaurant, on the airport. Explore the progress of aviation and enjoy over 50 vehicles and aircraft on display. Discover the stories of the generations before us who shaped our world. Get up close and personal with history. You can visit the website to see the antiCOVID-19 precautions they have taken. The entry fee is $10 ($8 for seniors 60+ and veterans), but we may be getting a discount for our group. We will be able to see our 99s compass rose painted on their floor. Please Contact Stephanie Wells (303)503-0147 who will be organizing airplane and car ride sharing.
Pueblo Airport (PUB)
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